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Water Lynx Flocculants
& Coagulants

Sediment Control

Pond Dewatering

Water Polishing

Clearflow Group Inc. manufacturers a patented Water Lynx Gel Block Flocculant, designed to assist municipal and industrial clients to achieve a rapid reduction of Total Suspended Solids for the safe release of water into the environment.

“North Shore has used Clearflow Group Inc.'s water and soil treatment products on several projects. Some of these projects were on sensitive sites and had provincial and federal regulator involvement. The projects were successful, and all stakeholder and clients were impressed with the outcome.”
Jeremy Paul B.SC., P. Ag
North Shore Environmental Consultants Inc.
“The use of the Water Lynx Blocks 360 in settling TSS has proved to be incredibly effective in point source treatment, limiting the use of additional cationic flocculant dosing pre-pond, thereby reducing our dependency on settling pond residence time and capacity. We have also been able to eliminate historical products from competitors which had a high chance of possible harm to the local environment.”
Zahir Jina, EP, AScT
Environmental Coordinator
Teck Coal Limited
“We took the chance of shifting from another supplier to Clearflow and have never looked back since. The chemical provided has produced superior results and significantly reduced our polymer consumption on the project as a whole.”
Daniel Chisholm E.I.T.
Project Engineer
Solid Industrial Solutions Ltd.
“We currently use Clearflow Group Inc. from start to finish for all of our wastewater dredging and mechanical dewatering services. Clearflow delivers consistent service in helping us choose the proper chemistry.”
Kyle Ulveland
Vice-President – Environmental Services
Kayden Industries LP