Provide an environmentally safe, effective, and efficient treatment for TSS reduction for hydrostatic testing water being discharged to ensure regulatory limits are met.

LOCATION: Saginaw Trail near Flint, Michigan

CLIENT NEEDS: In 2018, Contractor Welded Construction required treatment of hydrostatic testing water being discharged from 28 miles of 24” high-carbon steel pipeline.


Pipeline right of ways often have limited space available for large water treatment equipment to be set up, and landowners need to be compensated for work carried out on their property, which can add to project costs. Welded Construction needed a compact, simple, effective, and affordable method to dewater the pipeline at an efficient rate. 


Clearflow’s Gel Flocculant Reactors (GFR1000) were chosen. The treated water would be sent via a constructed ditch lined with Clearflow’s Treated Jute for filtration and ultimately directly into the Flint River. 

Achieving a 37 mg/L reduction in TSS and returning water to the Flint River of a higher quality than that of the river itself proved the GFR1000’s capabilities. Successful treatment of 3.4 million gallons in 2018 ensured the units would be deployed in 2019 on a second replacement section hydrostatic test discharge. 

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