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Designed as a final polishing step, Clearflow’s patent-pending Floating Polishing Curtain removes ultra-fine TSS particulate, ensuring the safe release of water into the environment. Containing all-natural jute material treated with Clearflow flocculant, thousands of small fibres provide attachment points as water passes through the floating curtain.


Silt Mats are used to collect sediments in channels downstream of earth moving or sediment disturbance activities. The mat position is important for delivering the most benefit and is best placed in areas of natural deposition where water energy is reduced. Clearflow Silt Collection Mats capture over 40kg of sediment per mat.


Use Clearflow Treated Soil Stabilization Fabric​ as an erosion inhibitor on steeper slopes, reducing the potential for surface erosion. A screening process that prevents fine particulates from entering the stream and collecting those particulates already in the stream. As a final polishing agent, collect the fines still in suspension after primary treatment..

GFR 1000, 300

This system is a flow-through reactor engineered to release Clearflow flocculant into the water. The GFR - Gel Flocculant Reactor accelerates Gel Floc release; this enables treatment of higher flow rates in a smaller footprint. The primary application is TSS removal from mining runoff and process water, stormwater, municipalities, and construction sites. Cyclone reactor hookup is easy using the 6” ANSI 150 flanged connection, no extra power is needed other than the flow from the on-site pump. The design flow rate through the Cyclone is 400 – 1000 US GPM..