The municipal client was searching for an innovative Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Mitigation Strategy to reduce sediment and phosphorus released into Lake Simcoe from the Town of Innisfil stormwater management facilities (SWMF).


Town of Innisfil Subdivision, Ontario, Canada

Client Needs:

This Green Municipal Fund pilot project was undertaken to asses new technologies to reduce sediment and phosphorus release into Lake Simcoe from the Town of Innisfil stormwater management facilities (SWMF.) Of interest are particles less than 40 microns in size as current technical guidelines for sediment control do not allow for effective capture of these very fine suspended solids. The removal of phosphorus is also critical as Lake Simcoe is under nutrient loading stress and the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan has set a Zero Phosphorus target for flows from the watershed entering into the lake. Three stormwater management facilities , in a new subdivision and under various stages of construction, were designated and Clearflow Gel Flocculants were chosen as the technology.

The Challenge:

Provide an environmentally safe, effective, and efficient treatment methodology for TSS and P reduction utilizing existing infrastructure to improve water quality leaving storm water management facilities.

The Solution:

Clearflow Gel Flocculants were placed in the collection mains leading to three SWMF’s. As sediment laden water flows across the Gel Flocculant surface, very fine colloidal matter grows larger and as the particles are brought together, they become heavy enough to settle. This passive treatment would allow for easy installation, a low carbon footprint and almost zero CAPEX.

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