Clearflow Chosen For Top Sustainability Award


Small businesses have a tremendous opportunity to make a big impact through small changes.

When it comes to sustainability, there are a few misnomers that prevent many small businesses from ever pursuing it. In fact, many aren’t even aware that their business produces a carbon footprint until they begin to peel back the layers––even digital operations and cloud computing are carbon producing.

But those oft-held misperceptions––namely that sustainability is a cost center and small businesses won’t make enough of an impact, etc.––are continually being disproven by countless small businesses around the world. And Sustainable Earth recently recognized 15 of them through the inaugural Sustainable Earth Small Business Awards for their innovative solutions that aim to support their communities and the planet. Below is a quick snapshot of these mighty 15, and in the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing their stories and journey to more sustainable operations to provide ideas and inspiration.

Keep in mind, small and mid-size businesses account for the majority of businesses worldwide, representing 90% of businesses and more than half of all employment. That adds up to a tremendous potential to make a significant impact––even if it’s through small, daily changes, like many of the businesses below have done.

2022 Sustainable Earth Small Businesses Award Winners

Sustainable-First Awardees:

  • Wok This Way

  • Resilience Developer

  • Drink Me! Tea Room

  • GreenTechnologies

  • Omnivore

  • Street Corner

  • Company Eco

  • My Zero Waste Store

  • Recycled City

Transitioning Businesses


  • HighWire

  • Clearflow Group

Individual Champions

  • Urban Forest Project

  • Cave Paper

  • Warehouse Apps

These companies are implementing sustainability practices that range from zero waste and water reduction to resilient and sustainable development, renewable energy, water conservation, and increasing equity and accessibility, among other initiatives.

Though 15 companies are recognized here, there were countless nominees from throughout the country working to make a difference whether through building more equitable communities or creating a cleaner planet. These collective efforts will undoubtedly have a lasting and positive impact. Stay tuned for more on these companies.

Thank you, Sustainable Earth

Author, Beth Cochran

Congratulations to all winners and applicants for this inaugural award! As a SESBA recipient, we hope our sustainability innovations and achievements will inspire other small businesses to take action for a cleaner planet.