The Future of Mining – SAFER, SMARTER, and Always PRODUCTIVE!

Minerals, Metals & Mining industries are characterized by challenges such as complexity of plants, environmental concerns, siloed activities, and demands of sustainability. Mines produce highly concentrated effluents from the interaction of water with various types of minerals. These effluents originate from mining processes as well as from rainfall. Wash waters can contribute to mining effluents. […]

Clearflow Group Lauded in International Mining Cleantech Challenge

May 4, 2022 — Clearflow Group US Inc., a global leader in water treatment and environmental technology, today announced its successful participation in the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association’s (CCIA) Mining Cleantech Challenge (MCC) for 2022. The MCC is one in a series of Cleantech Challenges that connect large industry partners directly to innovative clean technology […]

Clearflow Group To Support The I-STEAM Program At Top Research University In Canada

The University of Alberta’s I-STEAM program will be receiving support from Clearflow Group in the form of a donation, expertise and internship opportunities. The I-STEAM program is designed to increase Indigenous representation within the field of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). With Clearflow Group’s contribution, we will be able to help support the […]

Clearflow Chosen For Top Sustainability Award

Small businesses have a tremendous opportunity to make a big impact through small changes. When it comes to sustainability, there are a few misnomers that prevent many small businesses from ever pursuing it. In fact, many aren’t even aware that their business produces a carbon footprint until they begin to peel back the layers––even digital […]

Stormwater nutrient pollution major contributing factor in algae blooms in lakes and bays

Why Does Stormwater Cause A Negative Effect On Our Watersheds? Have you ever wondered just how much industrial and commercial activities affect our natural environment? Stormwater plays a key role in the connection between the two, washing the harmful substances created by industrial sites across our watersheds and into water bodies on a daily basis. […]

Clearflow Water Treatment Project Recognized As Top Project Finalists

Leading up to the Water Summit we are particularly grateful to be recognized for the Innisfil Erosion and Sediment project! And make it to the finals at the upcoming Water Canada Awards and Summit. This award recognizes a stormwater project that uses new technology or a creative approach to effectively create/improve/rehabilitate/restore new infrastructure or an […]

Clearflow Approved Chemicals for Stormwater Chemical Treatment Facilities

Stormwater management is a critical aspect of environmental protection, especially in regions where rainfall and runoff can lead to the discharge of harmful pollutants into natural water bodies. To address this concern, the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) has implemented the Chemical Technical Assessment Protocol – Ecology (C-TAPE) program to evaluate and approve chemicals […]