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With the occurrence of extreme weather events on the rise, Clearflow’s stormwater management solutions provide an efficient solution for stormwater prevention, retention, detention, and treatment.

Clearflow’s solutions will enable you to confidently tackle extreme water occurrences while meeting the most demanding environmental regulations. We’ve collaborated with other industry leaders to provide our customers with cost-effective, long-lasting, and environmentally sensitive stormwater solutions that are suited to their specific project requirements.


Clearflow products offer cost-effective solutions by enabling the efficient removal of suspended solids and facilitating water reuse within existing infrastructure.

Project Feature

Clearflow Stormwater Treatment Products

Gel Floc

Reduces Phosphorus, TSS Bacteria/Viruses, Heavy metals
Environmentally Safe – Fish (adult/embryo) + Daphnia Magna
Mammals cannot cross the blood tissue barrier
Passive, self-limiting release protects aquatic habitat
* Very small carbon footprint
* No additional energy required
* Easy to use – Easy to install – Ready State
* Variable pH and temperature tolerances
* Long shelf life

About us

We are a global company who provide advanced products, services and expertise to help municipal, industrial and construction customers to improve the way they process, treat and manage water.

Stormwater treatment products

* TSS Removal
* Phosphorous Removal
* Metals & Non-Metals Removal
* TDS Reductions
* Othe

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