Sustainable Development

The population is growing, and it’s no secret that food and water are the world’s next biggest commodities. More government regulators are looking for ways to minimize cost of infrastructure and recycle water wherever possible. Municipalities are facing huge costs to replace existing infrastructure for stormwater by developing microsite technologies for stormwater and wastewater treatment that can reduce the load on the existing infrastructure while also increasing population density.

Clearflow’s applications have been recognized as one of the leading water treatment technologies. In partnership with a major Edmonton developer and the federal government through Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Clearflow is designing a micro water treatment plant to treat stormwater and grey water so that it can be reused on-site for toilets, irrigation and geothermal application.

Reuse of stormwater and other types of water is becoming a major concern for municipalities. Clearflow and its affiliates, in conjuction with the University of Alberta, are conducting major research on passsively cleaning water once thought as waste to a level allowable for recyling, thus reducing the use of potable water for such things as toilet flushing, irrigation and industrial use.