Storm Water, Construction Sites and Surface Water Run-off

Pond & Stream Management

It’s easy to achieve and maintain high-quality pondwater using Clearflow’s Water Lynx products. These polymer products are non-toxic and, most importantly, environmentally safe. They are formulated to work in a variety of water conditions. Used in conjunction with conventional water movement equipment, our products improve water quality for artificial water bodies.

Our Products


The latest in portable treatment systems for de-watering

Baffle Grid

The Baffle Grid works by creating water flow around the Water Lynx blocks fully utilizing the surface area of each block AND giving enough time for suspended particles to fall out.

Decorative Waterfalls or Rapids System

Our Lynx products dissolve and mix well with down-slope or gradient water movement and can be placed strategically for optimum mixing to improve the performance of your equipment.


In situ

Water Lynx blocks can be put into any natural area without altering the current environment.


Clearflow’s internationally patented PR5 Reactor is designed to enhance the effectiveness of Water Lynx blocks. Water flow entering the PR5 can be controlled to provide optimum reaction conditions for flocculation. The end result is a greater removal efficiency with larger particles making them easier to settle and trap. PR5


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