Wastewater Treatment

Your water and wastewater treatment is in good hands with Clearflow.

We provide sustainable treatment and recycling solutions to companies who are finding it increasingly difficult to acquire fresh water for their “reuse” needs or who are seeking an option for wastewater other than disposal.

  • Objective: Provide sustainable water treatment systems to treat any wastewater and to examine reuse options for waste products remaining after water treatment.
  • Water Treatment Systems Concept: Appropriate technologies are assembled for the contaminants of concern that require reductions to meet endpoint targets. Clearflow’s water treatment processes reduce or remove organics, hydrocarbons, TSS, TDS, metals, pH and salinity parameters. Clearflow has licenses, owns the patented processes and/or owns the treatment equipment.
  • End point targets: Government guidelines or required targets for industrial processes.
  • Scalability: Scalable systems and processes to meet your needs.

We have the latest in portable sewage treatment microsystems for camps and temporary sites (typically fewer than 100 people).


Portable Sewage Treatment System


Turns your sewage into “Clearflow” in hours, not days.

Clearflow designed and developed this system, with support from the National Research Council of Canada and research conducted at the University of Alberta, to help protect Canada’s environment.

The operation of wastewater treatment plants in the Province of Alberta requires a variance from the Government of Alberta. The Administrator of Private Sewage Systems issued such a variance to Clearflow Enviro Systems Group, one of only 24 companies in the province allowed to do such work.

This particular variance applies to work camps generating a maximum of 25 cubic meters per day of wastewater. For larger volume systems all companies must apply for individual site variance as is required for the Alberta regulators. For more details on the regulations please see here.

Before and After Treatment