Industrial Water Treatment

Industry is taking a hard line on water recycling

Due to increased demand to meet stringent regulations provincially, nationally and internationally, industry is taking a hard line on methods to recycle their water. In many cases, depending on the location, water licensing is being minimized or, in some cases, no new licensing is allowed. Clearflow is able to provide solutions to industry with its proprietary Lynx line of polymer products and/or our patented and patent-pending mechanical solutions.

Some examples of these would be the Water Lynx blocks with the PT5 System for removal of metals and chlorides and light hydrocarbons. The PR5 System removes suspended solids. The PR5 Canister integrates with our Water Lynx polymer products directly into plant operations to clean their industrial water. This can be combined with Clearflow’s clarifier system and/or standard filtration media.

Clearflow has designed systems for potash plants, power plants, mining operations and other industrial manufactories and operations.


Clearflow’s internationally patented PR5 Reactor is designed to enhance the effectiveness of Water Lynx blocks. Water flow entering the PR5 can be controlled to optimize reaction conditions for flocculation. The end result is a greater removal efficiency with larger particles, making them easier to settle and trap. This compact, portable, reusable system minimizes cost and can be automated to meet your needs.



  • Portable Water Treatment System
  • Adaptable to situations requiring adjustment of pH or hardness
  • Treats water with TDS (total dissolved solids) levels up to 6000 mg/L at flows up to 35 gpm
  • Pre-treatment for suspended solids, microorganisms and algae, metals, and trace hydrocarbons
  • Fine polishing sediment removal — removes particles as small as 5 microns

Applications include:

  • Frac and flowback water treatment
  • Containment ponds
  • Excavation de-watering treatment involving metal or hydrocarbon contamination

Designed and developed by Clearflow Group Inc. with support from the National Research Council of Canada, and research conducted at the University of Alberta to help protect Canada’s environment.


The latest in portable sewage treatment microsystems for camps and temporary sites (Typically fewer than 100 people).

Using Clearflow’s:

Turn your sewage into “Clearflow” in hours, not days.

Clearflow designed and developed this system, with support from the National Research Council of Canada and research conducted at the University of Alberta, to help protect Canada’s environment.

Before and After Treatment