Clearflow is changing the way the world uses water.

We work with industry to reduce the impacts of storage or settling tailings ponds and wastewater discharges. From India to Canada, we treat water systems worldwide. We work locally with the current infrastructure to reduce the burden of communities on a taxed water system and conduct in-house water chemistry tests, at no charge, to determine the optimum system or product to use for your situation. Simply put, we work with you to manage any water issue you may have.

We offer a range of flocculants. Our main goal is to treat the water with environmentally safe practices. This includes doing strict toxicity tests that go beyond industry standard MSDS. We offer a variety of cationic and anionic products in powder, liquid and block form. A water sample is required for all treatments, ensuring that we can match the correct product to the situation.

The two main types of flocculants we offer are: cationicanionic and non-ionic.