Water Treatment Processes

Water is an essential part of industrial processes.

The waning amount of available fresh water, tighter government regulations, cost of water disposal and growing concern for the environment means industry must find ways to treat and reuse wastewater. That’s where Clearflow comes in.

Using the right technology for the contaminants at hand, we treat industrial effluent water so you can use it in your industrial process or return it to the environment. This marks a major improvement over the old practice of disposing of wastewater.

Our treatments do not reduce the water’s performance for the industry. We are guided by government regulations to meet or exceed them when returning water to the ecosystem.

Clearflow’s water treatment processes remove Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), hydrocarbons, metals and salinity parameters and may include the use of our line of Lynx products, water softening, pH reduction, and/or reverse osmosis. We meet your requirements with the ability and knowledge base of our engineering and operations team to ensure timely and cost-effective solutions.


Water Clarification

Environmental concern continues to increase as both industry and population growth. Consequently, the quality of the water discharged back into the environment by human activities is extremely important. Clearflow’s Lynx products and our Water Treatment System(s) maintain water quality, guaranteeing the water you use is safe for the environment.

Our Lynx line of polymer products releases slowly into flowing water based on the sediment loading of the water to form flocs and chelates that drop to the basin bottom, allowing for clarification of water that can then be safely discharged back into the environment or back into process reuse.

Water Lynx blocks are non-toxic and environmentally responsible. They can be used in situ and discharged even to sensitive ecosystems.


Concept Designs

—We provide, Consulting, Design, Products, Treatment Systems, Implementation

—Manufactures proprietary products for water treatment, sediment and soil erosion control

—Manufactures Patented and Patent-pending mechanical water treatment processes for industrial and/or high solids contamination situations

—ASRT  – Accelerated Solid Removal Technology – quickly/safely remove solids and contaminants from water to save money and footprint

—Clearflow products and systems are currently distributed in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, India and China/Asia via direct sales and an established distribution network

—Clearflow group consists of a highly trained team of Chemists, Environmental Technicians, associated Engineers, and Implementation  Specialists.

—Key advisory board – Dr. Greg Goss Ph.D. Executive Professor Biological Science U of A, Dr. Edyta Jasinska Ph.D. Dept Biological Sciences U of A, Dr. Anne Naeth PAg, PBiol Director Land Reclamation and Restoration Ecology U of A, Dr. Michael Serpe Associate Professor Dept of Chemistry U of A.