Water Lynx Gel Block Flocculant

Passive TSS/NTU & Metal Reduction

Clearflow has eliminated the need for the high priced traditional flocculation system. Because we blend and age and package our flocculant at our facilities, it comes in a ready state form. Use it right out of the box. Simply install the gel block flocculant in-situ and after a brief hydration period, the block is fully active. The gel block uses flow dynamics along with particle size, shape, and density to release or strip flocculant. It is a passive process, completely self dosing and self-limiting, dependent only on the characteristics of the water flowing around the block. Use it right out of the box.

"The use of the Water Lynx Blocks 360 in settling TSS has proved to be incredibly effective in point source treatment, limiting the use of additional cationic flocculant dosing pre-pond, thereby reducing our dependency on settling pond residence time and capacity. We have also been able to eliminate historical products from competitors which had a high chance of possible harm to the local environment."


  • Passive In-situ treatment
  • Broad pH range 3-12
  • Wide temperature span 4-100oC
  •  Easily stored
  • Environmentally safe
  • Self-dosing — Self limiting
  • Eliminates Makedown and dosing equipment
  • Reduces TSS/NTUs, Metals


Water chemistry varies greatly and not all flocculants work in every instance. Therefore, Clearflow created 5 different types to handle a wide variety of applications. Selection of the ideal chemistry requires laboratory testing. In most cases, this is done free of charge and is completed within a short time.