Stormwater Treatment Project

TSS & Phosphorus Reduction

Town of Innisfil Subdivision, Ontario, Canada

The municipal client was searching for an innovative Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Mitigation Strategy on a newly constructed subdivision. The objective was to increase water quality in the Stormwater facility before discharging to a downstream lake.


Clearflow’s Patented Water Lynx Gel Block Flocculant were installed in situ within existing stormwater pipes. The passive flocculation treatment system was strategically located upstream of the existing water management ponds. During normal low to medium flows, sediment laden water (high TSS) flowing by the gel block flocculant system, accelerated the process of colloidal sedimentation.


  • TSS & phosphorus reduction
  • Reduction of carbon footprint with passive in-situ installation
  • Increased water quality for aquatic life in the downstream lake