Storm Lynx

Storm Lynx is a low profile, high visibility water clarification solution to assist in the collection of sediments and debris – prior to its entry into stormwater management systems. Its low profile ensures it will not become a safety hazard, while it’s highly reflective covering allows it to be seen, even during inclement weather conditions. Further, it’s exceptional drainage characteristics will not cause additional damage to curbside areas and neighboring infrastructure (lawns, etc).

Storm Lynx is charged with Clearflow’s Soil Lynx product to enhance water clarification and sediment collection.

Storm Lynx is constructed of high flow materials that allow peak flows of water to enter the storm drain, while the treated natural screening material acts as an exceptional filtration device, capturing sediments and debris that is moving in the water column including most of the finer sediments suspended in the water.

Storm Lynx is also constructed with a small berm, which traps the heavier and larger sediments stopping them from entering the main water drainage location while allowing the water to flow thru the berm.

Comes in standard sizes, but can be made to order and fitted for any situation.


Storm Lynx 2018 – Updated