Storm Facility Retrofit

Dewatering | Erosion Control | Sediment Binding

Storm Pond 53, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

The municipal client was searching for an innovative method to safely dewater and transport sediment sludge from a stormwater management facility SMWF (storm pond). One of the proper objectives was to  remove many years of accumulated sediment from the storm pond (approx. 3,000 m3) to reinstate the original design capacity and functional effectiveness

The City of Waterloo required an integrated design & solution team, and engaged both Greenland Engineering and Clearflow Group to develop the optimum solution.

The storm pond was dewatered and treated for safe release using Clearflow’s Patented Water Lynx™ flocculation treatment system. The Water Lynx™ Reactors were strategically located to treat the sediment laden water (high TSS – Total Suspended Solids) to accelerate colloidal sedimentation. The flow then passively traveled over Clearflow’s Lynx Treated Soil Stabilization Fabric for final water polishing, capturing and removing the TSS for fish safe water release to the environment. This innovative process significantly highlighted the effectiveness and benefits using Water Lynx™ and Lynx Ultrabind™ for SWMF retrofits/cleanouts.