Erosion Control Job History

Highway 897

Highway 897 ditches were heavily eroded; left untreated, this can cause major problems. Alberta Transportation contacted Clearflow for a solution. No outside seed was to be used, so Clearflow tested Soil Lynx tackification properties with soil and Geo Jute while vegetation growth occurred “naturally.” Returning to the site in June of the following year revealed the establishment of local grasses within the reclaimed area. Soil Lynx was a success.

Highway 400

On Highway 400 an overpass was being constructed. With spring rain and runoff starting to become an issue, Clearflow was called in to protect a nearby stream. Geo-jute and Soil Lynx were used to enhance existing BMPs. Within 24 hours a large rain event occurred and Soil Lynx was put to the test. The results were amazing. The next day the project manager decided to add Soil Lynx to the areas previously untreated.

Obed mine

Lac la Biche

Teck Coal