Soil Stabilization Landing

soil-lynx_01Application of Soil Lynx powder to a raw slope creates a layer of porous soil bonded together by a web-like matrix. This allows water to seep through and run over the surface without eroding the slope, providing optimal growing conditions for vegetation. When used on areas of high flow or on steep slopes, erosion BMP such as soft armouring must be implemented (using jute, coir, coconut or other natural blankets). The Soil Lynx “glues” the soil and natural fibre blanket together while the blanket supports the weight of the slope and shields from high-velocity water flow.

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Gentle to moderate slopes
Sprinkle powder over area by hand or by other broadcasting device.

Steep slopes
Lay down jute material (or suitable natural blanket material), sprinkle powder over area as with gentle slopes.
Or mix with water/hydroseed mix and spray onto area.


  • Encourages vegetation establishment — holds seed and nutrients in place
  • Easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Treats source of sediment
  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy cleanup (none when using biodegradable materials)

Use of fertilizers can be dramatically reduced because the nutrients are held in place, thus reducing the need for reapplication of seed and fertilizer, further offsetting the cost of the project.

Treated Geo-Jute

Our jute erosion control blanket is made up of a loose weave of geo-jute. Geo-jute is made from natural and environmentally safe materials, which are fully biodegradable within 2–3 years of initial application. The erosion control blanket can be combined with Soil Lynx for superior surface erosion control. Our blankets' weave provides a superior medium for plants to establish and grow. 











Erosion Control

Not only is soil erosion costly to repair, it is detrimental to the environment. Erosion of topsoil reduces plant growth, removes valuable nutrients and soil particles in natural water systems, blocking sunlight from reaching plants and burying organisms that live at the bottom of the water. Chemicals in the soil can cause algal blooms, suffocating aquatic life or inducing other toxic effects. Because of these possibilities, government regulators pay close attention to erosion control.

Application of our Soil Lynx products helps bind particles together to reduce erosion while maintaining water infiltration in the soil. We offer our clients site-specific evaluations to determine the best solution for erosion control, decreasing environmental impacts and the costs associated with managing erosion.

Soil Lynx uses:

  • Stripped soil surfaces
  • Road and highway construction and maintenance
  • Construction sites
  • Agricultural furrow irrigation
  • Hydroseeding
  • Landscaping
  • Riverbank maintenance in parks or natural areas
  • Waste piles or temporary stock piles

Soil Solidification (Demucking)

When mixed with water-saturated soils, Soil Lynx products will solidify the soil particles to enable on-site disposal or off-site transportation without liquid spills or dripping. We help our clients save time, increase productivity and simplify material handling to reduce costs and eliminate the need for vac trucks.

Applications of Soil Lynx for soil solidification include:

  • Pond demucking
  • Construction site demucking
  • Binding of contaminated soil slurry
  • Landscaping
  • Sump drainage

The resulting solidified soil is an excellent growing medium. It boasts high erosion resistance, enhanced water infiltration and nutrient retention.