Water Lynx Liquid

Clearflow’s Water Lynx Liquid flocculants and coagulants were designed specifically for industries that deal with extremely high sediment loads, flow volumes, velocities and cold water temperatures.
Available in 1000L Totes and 20L super concentrates

Water Lynx Gel Block Flocculants

Easy to use, easy to integrate into existing operations and reduced operational costs to clean a cubic meter of sediment-laden water. Water Lynx Blocks reduce costs for disposal of end water, diminishing the likelihood of regulatory fines.
Available in 2.5 lbs gel blocks
Treats approximately 20,000 m3

Water Lynx Granulars

 Soil Lynx

Great for soil stabilization, revegetation, erosion control, agricultural crops, and water treatment. 
Available in 5kg and 15kg quantities.

Treated Jute

Our jute erosion control blanket is made up of a loose weave of natural, environmentally friendly geo-jute. Geo-jute is fully biodegradable within 2–3 years of initial application.
Available in 4′ x 225′ treated and untreated rolls


Water Lynx Pipe Reactor

The latest in portable treatment systems for de-watering. The Water Lynx Pipe Reactor meets ALL regulatory requirements. Turn your runoff water into “Clearflow” in seconds, not days.
Available for rental or purchase.

Water Lynx Piper Reactor Loads

Designed just for the Water Lynx Pipe Reactor, the WL Pipe Reactor Loads are made of five Water Lynx Gel Block Flocculants. The loads are designed to fit and flow inside of the Water Lynx Pipe Reactor, optimizing the surface area and space inside the tube.

Water Lynx Gel Blocks Flocculants are matched to site-specific needs.

Whoa Dust

WHOA Dust was specifically formulated to be used in areas where animals are creating dust. It is 100% animal-safe and environmentally friendly.
Available in 2kg and 6kg pails.

Treated Geo-Jute Curtains

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