Designed to assist clients in achieve a rapid reduction of Total Suspended Solids for the safe release of water into the environment. More info here.

Clearflow Water Lynx liquid flocculants and coagulants were designed specifically for industries such as mining. These industries contend with extremely high sediment loads, flow volumes, velocities and cold water temperatures. More info here.

Regular flocculants in anionic or cationic form come as a dry granular product to used in a variety of applications. More info here.

The latest in portable treatment systems for de-watering. More info:

1000 GPM here.

300 GPM here.


Soil Lynx once activated with water, binds with the soil, creating a porous layer that allows more water and air to penetrate while reducing erosion. The binding process allows it to retain water and hold seed and fertilizer in place. More Info here.

Has been successfully used on slopes up to 1:1, is easy and economical to install and totally biodegradable within 3 years. More info here.

Silt Mat is a fully biodegradable mat that captures and prevents sediment re-suspension. More info here.


Soil solidification used to be costly and time-consuming. Traditional products added volume and weight increasing the number of trucks loads and creating higher transportation and dumping costs. Lynx Ultra Bind replaces sawdust, peat moss, straw, and other adsorbents. More info here.


Designed as a final polishing step, Clearflow’s patent pending Floating Polishing  Curtain removes ultra fine TSS particulate, ensuring safe release of water to the environment. More info here.

As a final polishing agent, collecting the fines that are still in suspension after primary treatment. More info here.


Phosblock is a ready state Water Lynx TM polymer block used to remove nutrients like phosphate, suspended solids, and algae from water. More info here.


The Cyclone Reactor System is a flow-through reactor engineered to release ready-state Water Lynx polymer into the water within the Cyclone chamber. The primary application is TSS removal from mining runoff and process water, stormwater, municipalities, and construction sites. More info here.

The latest in portable treatment systems for de-watering. The Water Lynx Pipe Reactor meets ALL regulatory requirements. Turn your run-off water into “Clearflow” in seconds, not days. More info here.