Mining Project History

TSS/NTU Reduction Regulatory Compliance

An existing coal mining operation required assistance in maintaining regulatory compliance for Total Suspended Solids (TSS). The site surface water is collected and treated before it’s released to a fish bearing receiving stream. Clearflow was tasked with providing an environmentally safe, effective and efficient treatment for TSS reduction while ensuring regulatory limits were met.


Clearflow’s Patented Water Lynx Flocculant Gel Blocks were placed in situ providing a passive flocculation treatment upstream of the existing water management ponds. During normal low to medium flows, sediment laden water (high TSS) flowing over a duplex block design, accelerated the process of colloidal sedimentation. During the occurrence of peak flow events, a Clearflow liquid flocculant dosing station was added to match the required treatment. 

The project not only hit regulatory compliance, was cost effective and environmentally safe, but also reduced the overall carbon footprint of the mine.