Lynx Ultra Bind

Lynx Ultra Bind is a dry granular product that is mixed into slurry material to thicken the material for transport or reuse. Lynx Ultra Bind works by binding the solids together and squeezing the water out; this results in a much lower mass and volume than traditional slurry thickening agents. Primary applications for Lynx Ultra Bind are pond demucking and binding Hydrovac waste, but the product and process can be applied to any slurry or mud thickening application.

Sediment Ultra Binding

Soil solidification used to be costly and time-consuming. Traditional products added volume and weight increasing the number of trucks loads and creating higher transportation and dumping costs. Lynx Ultra Bind replaces sawdust, peat moss, straw, and other adsorbents.

Lynx Ultra Bind Benefits

  • Binds wet solids.
  • Turns slurry into a solid mass.
  • Stops leaching of metals and heavy metals
  • Can be mixed to a specific compaction ratio.
  • Reduced trucking, handling, and storage costs.
  • No vacuum or special trucks required.
  • No requirement for absorbent material such as sawdust, straw, and peat.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Bound Materials

Once the soil has been sufficiently dewatered, Lynx Ultra Bind powder can be added to the remaining mud to tackify the sediment for easy removal. This material can potentially be re-used for revegetation further saving money and resources.