Caring for the Environment with Exceptional Standards & Services

Clearflow Group Inc. has developed around its team’s unique and diverse capabilities, bringing together a group of committed, dedicated and socially conscious employees. Our business philosophy is driven by five main core values:

  • Design effective and simple systems, products and processes that can be performed using minimal high-level technical personnel
  • Minimize costs to the client by integrating with and utilizing existing infrastructure wherever possible
  • Be cost-effective and competitively priced
  • Provide the most environmentally friendly products available for industry
  • Offer clients outstanding SERVICE, CREDIBILITY, and INTEGRITY

We offer diverse and eco-friendly solutions that are well thought out, engineered and, when necessary, outside the box.

Our team designs site-specific solutions incorporating environmentally friendly enhancements to existing and upgraded Best Management Practices (BMPs). We integrate our polymer line of products and other sediment control solutions which will prevent soil, seed and nutrient migration.

Using proven techniques and BMPs we can help meet or exceed water discharge goals, allowing treated water to be released directly back into the environment or be reused by industry. If need be, we can create a solution that will fit within your existing footprint.

Clearflow works WITHIN the environment

Environmental Safety

The social responsibility of providing a clean environment is Clearflow’s main priority. We want to ensure that the problems encountered by our clients are mitigated and minimized as safely as possible. We have spent significant time and resources to test the environmental toxicity and impacts of all our products. Our products are environmentally safe or can be made so with little requirements. 

Consulting and Design

Clearflow also provides environmental consulting. We meet with you and discuss the specific challenges you face on-site. Our in-house laboratory gives us immediate feedback on the samples provided to us or those taken in the field. This laboratory testing is done at no cost to you, and is our way of providing exceptional service. 


From humble starts to the university and national research council testing, Clearflow’s technology has been developed and perfected over the last decade. The patents surrounding our products and systems ensure that you are guaranteed products that are environmentally safe and effective. We are committed to continuing to develop and perfect our products and systems in order to deliver only the best to you.

Erosion control

Our Soil Lynx product product line is safe for both humans and the environment, with full MSDS and toxicity reports conducted. Toxicity reports can be provided upon request. 

Our Geo-jute product is made up of natural fibers and is fully biodegradable. It is made of a coarse material in a loose weave that is engineered to capture contaminants and fine particles. 

Dust control

Our Dust Lynx product line is safe for both humans and the environment, with full MSDS and toxicity reports conducted. Toxicity reports can be provided upon request. 

Water treatment

We offer diverse water treatment products. Full MSDS and toxicity reports have been conducted on all our Water Lynx products. The cationic WLL 800-20 is the product we must manage the most. Fortunately, we are capable of negating the harmful effects of this product by simply using one of our Water Lynx 360 Blocks.