DH56 Liquid Dust Control is a concentrated liquid dust suppressant designed for gravel road and parking lot type applications. Dust Lynx H56 is suitable to use in all environmental conditions.

  • Dust Lynx H56 is manufactured as a concentrated liquid.
  • Tote should be mixed before use.
  • The dilution for DH56 Liquid Dust Control is 20:1
  • Less dilution will allow for longer term applications.
  • The optimum feed rate would deliver 4 liters of the diluted H56 per square meters of surface area, applied in two passes
  • Apply using standard water trucks spray bars.
  • Some practice is required to determine the optimal speed to deliver the required 2 liters per square meter of surface area per pass. We recommend 2 passes.
  • Longevity is based on environmental conditions as well as traffic volume.
  • Standard applications should last more than 10 weeks.
  • DH56 Liquid Dust Control is easy to use and will not cause corrosion to common tankers or spray bars.
  • 1 liter of concentrate mixed with 20 liters of water, will cover 5.25 square meters of surface area.
  • 1 liquid tote contains 1000 liters of concentrate and mixed at 20:1 will cover 5,250 square meters.
  • On a 6meter wide road surface that means it will do a 875 meter long stretch of road.