Construction and industrial activities have a significant impact on the environment. With the changing of the landscape, it is inevitable that challenges occur with soil stability and water flow. We work with you to solve the environmental problems faced in your construction site. Clearflow products and systems assist in LEED credits and certification on your worksite.

Erosion control

During construction and industrial activities many sites are stripped of vegetation and exposed to the elements. Our Soil Lynx is the perfect prevention to losing important topsoil and preventing surface erosion. The treated jute erosion control blanket is made up of natural and biodegradable materials that will prevent further surface erosion.

  • Steep slopes
  • Channels
  • Ditches
  • Surrounding berms
  • Road surfaces

Dust control

The fine soil particles that are disturbed during wind events or travel can be a serious hazard both to the workers on a site and to the environment. On construction and industrial sites, dust control is often mitigated by the use of temporary solutions such as water trucks. This type of solution is often more expensive than initially thought due to repeat applications and the labour associated with it.

  • Haul roads
  • Open construction sites
  • Dirt roads

Water treatment

Ditches, canals and ponds are often found on construction and industrial sites. These collection areas pick up contaminants and sediment as they travel to larger water bodies. These discharges can be driven by precipitation and human activity. To meet regulations, many sites implement control measures for water discharges. The systems and products we offer enhance your current methods. Alternatively, we can design and implement systems to mitigate current water challenges. All we need to start the process is a water sample and you are on the way to clarified H2O.

  • Ponds
  • Lagoons
  • Ditches
  • Canals
  • Point source discharges