Cationic flocculants

We develop custom solutions based on soil and water chemistry.

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Clearflow offers cationic flocculants in both powder and liquid form. While the majority of cationic flocculants on the market today are detrimental to the environment, Clearflow has conducted third-party toxicity tests to ensure exactly what our products can do. We believe in full disclosure, so you get to see the results of the toxicity tests. Our products are effective, competitively priced and environmentally safe when properly used.

Clearflow’s cationic flocculant product line:

P800 – Polydadmac Powder

Water Lynx Liquid Flocculants and Coagulants

Clearflow Water Lynx liquid flocculants and coagulants were designed specifically for industries such as mining. These industries contend with extremely high sediment loads, flow volumes, velocities, and cold water temperatures. The mining industry also deals with ultra-fine content. Clearflow’s products are designed to be highly efficient at removing these forms of TSS when used in conjunction with appropriate water management.

Sediment Control

For large volumes of water, a series of collection ponds and transfer ditches are utilized, and water treatment is conducted in a liquid floc station. Clearflow Water Lynx Liquid and granular Water Lynx can be dosed through the use of a liquid floc station or a dry floc station, and the appropriate dose can be calculated at Clearflow’s lab based on site samples. Placing Clearflow’s environmentally friendly Water Lynx product into runoff stream causes sediment particles to settle by flocculation. Our products and process will optimize sedimentation and discharge water that meets all regulatory requirements.

Depending on the customer’s needs, products can be delivered ranging in size—from pails to 1000-liter totes to tanker trucks.

Cold Weather

Clearflow has designed both anionic and cationic sediment control products that can work at below -30ºC.

Final Polishing

As a final polishing mechanism to remove any residual suspended solids, use Clearflow’s floating floc curtains. Contact a Clearflow representative for more information.