Awards and Features

Clearflow has been fortunate enough in the last ten years to have been awarded many prestigious awards. This would not have been possible if not for the extraordinary vision and dedication by Jerry Hanna and the team at Clearflow.


March 2018

“Clearflow Group and  Greenland Engineering lead the way for Stormwater Management! “
This joint venture project between Clearflow Group of Alberta, GREENLAND® Engineering from Ontario and the City of Waterloo is the first of its kind and one that Clearflow and Greenland are looking to take nationally.

Last week, we received the retrofit construction approval for the City’s Laurelwood Pond #53 facility. Since construction (in 2003), the stormwater pond has accumulated significant sediment from upstream sources. The approved design was derived using an in-house “Bio-clear and Low Maintenance Approach” and which had regard for cumulative watershed effects (and climate change concerns) using CANWET™.

The retrofit design utilizes Clearflow Group’s proprietary water treatment product Water Lynx™ to reduce sediment load, phosphorus and nutrient loading. In addition, Clearflow Group’s Soil Lynx™ product will be used for erosion control. Clearflow’s Treated Geo-Jute and Treated Floc Curtains will be used for polishing ultra fine sediments out of the Waterloo and the Lynx™ sediment binding products by the Clearflow Group will be used to bind the slurry material removed from the pond.

In addition to significant cost savings from a life cycle perspective, the Pond #53 retrofit will improve downstream water quality within the Grand River Basin and ultimate discharge to Lake Erie. When implemented on a larger scale (and by any municipality), the financial and environmental benefits from using the same design process would be impressive.
If you are attending the TRIECA conference this month in Brampton, the City of Waterloo and GREENLAND® staff will be presenting the (approved!) Pond #53 project.”



Clearflow in India 2017

Business Edmonton 2015

“With a view to creating environmentally-focused industry solutions, Clearflow has become a game changer.” – Nerissa McNaughton, Business Edmonton

Alberta’s 25 Most Innovative Organizations (2014)

Clearflow is honored to be featured as one of Alberta’s 25 Most Innovative Organizations. Please read the article below and visit the Alberta Venture page to learn more about the other innovators in Alberta.

Clearflow is also cleaning a number of municipal stormwater ponds, says CEO Jerry Hanna

Senior executive: Jerry Hanna

Founded: 2005
Headquartered: Sherwood Park

It seems the retired life just wasn’t for him. When Jerry Hanna started Clearflow Group Inc in 2005 after a friend asked him for help with a storm water issue, he never imagined the company would be where it is today. “It started with a fish tank in my basement and grew from there,” the semi-retired Hanna says. “At the moment, we have two U.S. patents, a Canadian patent, and an Israeli patent, with several more pending.”

Clearflow deals with soil and water challenges, including finding ways to separate pollutants, metals and toxic materials from water. Clearflow focuses on soil stabilization—not just soil capping when it comes to erosion control. By stabilizing the soil surface using soil Lynx we mitigate movement of soil and seed while increasing revegetation. “We’ve also designed one for industrial water use, so now the industry can treat the water it uses before releasing it to the storm or sanitary system. We’ve saved the industry millions.”

Full 25 Most Innovative Organizations here

Alberta Science and Technology (ASTech) Award

Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Technology and Innovation through ASTech. Full article here.

A vision to improve the way we treat water

This vision has been noticed and acknowledged by a number of organizations in the past. We would like to take a moment to thank these organizations for recognizing us and the work we do. We will keep working hard to influence industry and society to use water more sustainably and efficiently.

  • Finalist of the 2014 Manning Award for Canada
  • Winners of the 2013 Alberta Science and Technology Award (ASTECH)
  • Winners of the 2013 Edmonton Business Leaders of Tomorrow Award
  • Winners of the 2010 Environmental Protection Award SPCC Winners of the 2009 Innovative Technologies Award SPCC
  • Featured in the 2014 Alberta Venture Magazine as one of Alberta’s most Innovative Organizations
  • Featured in Biotic Earth — A biotic/living approach to hydroseeding
  • Featured in Stormwater Treatment, a textbook used in many educational institutions
  • Top finalist for the Manning Award for Canadian Innovation
  • Featured in Sherwood Park News, the Edmonton Sun, CityTV Featured on for an interview regarding the 2014 Manning award
  • Chosen as one of 12 Canadian companies to present at the 2015 Acqueau Conference in Paris by the National Research Council of Canada

Clearflow is also involved with numerous industry associations and organizations that influence water usage. Jerry Hanna has been heavily involved with youth and industry education. He sits on several committees attracting the attention of influential individuals with Clearflow’s mission.

Associations Clearflow is a part of:

  • Alberta Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)
  • Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association
  • Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)
  • Alberta Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association
  • Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESSA)
  • Canadian Council For Aboriginal Business